About Us

Our Mission

Officially, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations for you, our team members, and our community. That sounds awfully noble huh? But it is true. Our founder of Builders, Myron Andersen has always believed that if we strive to be the best we can be and exceed our customer/peers expectations, then we will continue to be a trusted retailer, advisor, and confidant to the people in our community and businesses. We continue to focus on anticipating our industries wants and needs in order to provide the best service and convenience for you, and all of our customers. We work hard to increase the value of doing business with you. The Builders team hopes that you see greater value when you visit our stores, whether it is due to our convenience, customer service from our knowledgeable team, selection of quality name brand products, or the willingness to shop local small businesses.  These are all very important to us and hope they are to you as well.

Our Founder, born and raised in Central Nebraska, Myron Andersen had a dream to open a lumber yard in Kearney Nebraska in efforts to increase efficiencies in having building materials readily available for all contractors in the region. In 1977, Myron did just that. With a young family, great determination, and lofty goals, Myron opened “Payless Building Center” on 30th Ave. Fortunately for us all, Myron had the drive to continue to grow the business and make what is now Builders, who we are today! It wasn’t always easy as Myron will often say. Our industry has fallen upon several dark times making it very difficult to succeed. However he always directs the success of the business to the people who made this company.       “Without our hardworking and dedicated team members…we would not be here today.”

-Myron Andersen

About Us

Why Us

It is no mystery that the “big box” stores can put strain on small businesses. Fortunately for us and other small businesses in our community, we are able to stick to our company core values that serve as a foundation to guide us. Our integrity and values make us a premiere company in which we take pride in. First, we have learned the value in loyalty, loyalty to you our customer, and our customers to us. We know that as a trusted company you value our ability to answer questions, voice a concern, solve a problem, and take action quickly. Second, we believe in reinvesting in the community. Builders donates 10% back into our local communities, youth education, and are a continued supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project. Third, we are more able to meet individual customer’s needs, especially to our “pro” customers- local contractors whose profitability can depend on how fast we respond. Lastly, we host many events year around for our locations. Events have always been important for us to invite you and your friends or family in to join in on the fun, get to know us, raise money for a good cause, or to celebrate the season!


Our Gratitude

We would like to thank all of our team members, families, friends, pro customers, retail customers, and central Nebraska for supporting and growing with us over the years. We are committed to serving you and assist you in “building your dreams” as you have helped us in building ours.

On behalf of the 300+ families employed at Builders, WE THANK YOU ALL!




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